Ahurewa Kawakawa Oil (50ml)
Ahurewa Kawakawa Oil (50ml)

Ahurewa Kawakawa Oil (50ml)


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Ahurewa Kawakawa Balm and Kawakawa Oil created by the talented Parahuia Riini-Ehau in Rotorua NZ
• Rotorua Kawakawa Leaves
• Rotorua Beeswax
• Sweet Almond Oil
• Kānuka Essential Oil
Preparation, Method, and Keeping
Kawakawa Leaves were harvested from Lake Tikitapu, Rotorua. 
⁃ Kawakawa Leaves (20-30) have been infused in Sweet Almond Oil for 3 weeks in 3 Litre jars. 
⁃ After 3 weeks Kawakawa Oil gets bottled up and the remaining oil will craft into Kawakawa Balm.
⁃ Kawakawa Oil will warm up over heat. The beeswax is melted separately. Mix them together accordingly and Kawakawa Balm is created.
• Keep away from direct sunlight and warm areas.
• Keep it safe in a cool shaded area.
How to use Kawakawa Balm and Kawakawa Oil
⁃ For open skin apply generously, keep the area covered, warm and repeat application until skin is closed.
⁃ For bruising apply generously with gentle massage, repeat the process until pain fades away.
⁃ For rashes apply accordingly to sizing of your area. Repeat until the rash clears up.
⁃ For insect bites apply lightly in circulation to calm the itch. Repeat if the area is itchy again.
⁃ For skin in need of nourishing apply an amount suited for you with light massage. 
Kawakawa Oil 
⁃ For body, facial and head massage apply accordingly with massage techniques.
⁃ For hair oil treatment apply enough for your amount of hair and let it sit for a few hours to receive full benefits then complete with your moisturizing haircare routine. Repeat once a week.
⁃ For hair oil to tame frizzy hair apply lightly on areas of frizz.
Kawakawa Oil and Kawakawa Balm can be used on Adults, Children and Animals with any skin type.