Muse featuring Tania Tapsell

MUSE is inspired by my beautiful friend Tania Tapsell ~ When I first met her I felt an instant connection finally someone else who is just as obsessed with Rotorua as I am.  We have shared so many Rotorua  achievements together such as buy local initiatives and I had the honour of being part of the parking committees where we helped make a very important decision for the CBD, I have honestly seen with my own eyes  just how much hard work she does for this town. On top of all that she's been one of @ahuboutiques biggest supporters! I want to dedicate this release to her as she embarks on such a huge journey to become Mayor of Rotorua and I want the whole town to know just how special she is to me and everyone who has the privilege to meet her XXX 

Muse has rich Rotorua themes we've added the lattice work of the Rotorua Museum the Government garden Trees and also the lampposts. We've referenced Rotorua icon Tania Tapsell as the 'green lady' our take on the beautiful Rotorua heroine Hinemoa who Tania is also a direct descendant of. We've also referenced the Rock that stands as you leave Rotorua I always know I'm leaving home when I see it and it has special significance to me personally. We've overlapped this with kiwiana stamps a strong reflection of the influence Māori culture has on our town and country. 

Coming Soon!