Lauryn Hill showcases Whitewood

(NZ Herald) Rotorua designer Adrienne Whitewood says she is "blown away" after international superstar Lauryn Hill bought several of her designs - even wearing one of her necklaces on stage while performing at Raggamuffin.

The star's assistants were hunting around Rotorua looking for local designers to dress the Grammy-winning singer when they got a tip-off to check out Miss Whitewood's designs.

Miss Whitewood said the tip-off showed the value of local support.

"When you have a local business you build up relationships which is how it happened."

Miss Whitewood said she knew immediately the sort of pieces Hill would like and rushed in to The Living Room Collective, still wearing her pyjamas, to display them.

"It was that crazy."

She was still in her pyjamas when they turned up.

"They took about half of my stock for her to try on."

And it obviously struck a chord - with Hill keeping several key pieces, including the necklace Miss Whitewood gifted her to wear for her performance.

Miss Whitewood said if international stars like Hill could take the time to shop locally, then more Rotorua people should do the same. "It's inspirational that an international star and her team would take the time to buy local," Miss Whitewood said.